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The Story

Red wall with bulletin board “In my first studio office space, I hung a simple bulletin board on a red painted wall and tacked up images of what inspired me…I had my first client, but no business name selected. As I sat at my desk in that studio staring at that red wall, clearly running out of time to file a business license and get down to work, I pondered so many options – using my name was out, I wanted something that had a unique ring. Finally in shear desperation I stood up, grabbed my keys and said to myself “Studio Red”, “Studio Red Interiors… I guess it will due for now”. That was twelve years ago and red is still my favorite color!” Studio Red Interiors was established in 2002 is based in Sacramento, California and provides services to residential and hospitality clients throughout the United States, Hawaii, Mexico and anywhere my clients call “home”. As a full-service interior design firm we offer a wide range of design services from basic consultation to space planning, design and construction management of full-scale renovations or new construction. No project is too large or too small.

I am often asked whether I have a particular “style” of design. The answer is always no. With each and every project, Studio Red Interiors has an individual approach. My work does not convey a particular design “style” and my philosophy has always been the same: To create an individual signature look relative to each project space. Great emphasis is placed on thoughtfully tailoring of design elements, combining creativity and well-honed skill to express each client’s personal taste through interiors with timeless appeal. My goal is to create relaxed, inviting spaces that my clients never want to leave, and adding an element of surprise never hurts.

“Why not build the house of your dreams or remodel your kitchen?” Construction or remodeling of any sort is a process… a sensitive process. With every project the end result is always beautiful, but the journey can often seem daunting for most. It is critical to have a great team: architect, engineer, contractor and designer to make the process run smoothly. The construction process never goes exactly as planned, and based upon years and years of job site adventure, it never will. It’s our job as a team to work closely with each client to translate their vision into a reality…It’s my job to make it all seem easy.

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Graduate of California State University, Sacramento – Bachelor of Arts/Interior Design


Projects have been published in national magazines and design books

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